Summer 2005

Volume 2

Neptune House News

Neptune House Communications

This Newsletter will be updated at least quarterly to keep you as Owners informed of progress and issues at the Neptune House. To do this we need your assistance.

In an effort to streamline our ability to keep our communications open to the Owners we ask that each of you pass along your e-mail address to Meredith.

Utilizing today’s technology will assist us in keeping costs down and eliminate the burden of mass mailings via US Mail. Keep in mind that each mass mailing requires taking on the burden of sending out over 500 letters.

***Please forward your e-mail address to Meredith asap. We do not want you to miss any future Newsletters ***This will be the last mailing of the Newsletter, all future Newsletter will be sent via e-mail***

If there is a particular reason that you cannot accept e-mail please let Meredith know this as well and we can continue to mail our Newsletter to you.

Favorite Isle spots: and activities


The Neptune House Resort is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. If you are interested in Light Houses

being a part of this board, please call (401) 466-2988 Fishing

`Movie Theates

Board of Directors and Staff Bluffs

President - Stephen Perrotti

Beaches, bea ches and more beaches!

Vice President—Steve Hague

Treasurer– Valerie Erickson

Secretary—Vincent Piccirilli

Resort Manager—Meredith McAloon

Building and Grounds Manager—Michael Swanson

Sales Manager—Joanne Regnault

2005 Season

Most of us have had the opportunity to enjoy our visit to the Island this season and hopefully you have been able to see the improve
ments that have been made throughout the facility.
Some improvements that have been made this season are as follows:
Exterior painting has been completed to compliment the details of our buildings
Interior painting and decorating of units is ongoing with more to be done as time and money permits.
The interior of the pool room walls/ceilings have been repaired and repainted


In order to control our operational costs we are asking all members to remember a few House rules:

Please do not leave wet towels and bathing suits on the carpet. With the humid air on Block Island, it causes mold and premature
deterioration of the carpeting.
Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep noise down. 10:00 PM IS QUIET TIME !
*The units are designed for 2,4 or 6 guests. There will be an additional fee for guests exceeding the units capacity. To be strictly en

forced in 2006.*
Please contact the Neptune House in advance of your visit to Block Island which will allow the staff to plan in the preparation of your
unit for your arrival. Note that CHECK-IN TIME IS 4:00 PM.


New and Improved Web site: Our website has been updated. Please check it out at Send in your suggestions, ideas or information that you would like to see

in our newsletter to our e-mail address.

Important Information

SALES—The Neptune House has a sales program in place that is really taking off. Joanne Regnault has taken on the role of our Sales Manager and has information that she would like to share with all owners. Currently Joanne is available to assist in the resale of shares owned by Neptune House Owners. Joanne will handle all aspects of the sale from posting and showing your unit that you wish to sell, to the closing and transferring of deeds. Joanne is also very active and has made several sales of shares that were previously owned by the Neptune House. This is a tremendous win for the Neptune House as these types of sales generate immediate income and add to our base of maintenance fees.

*Upgrade your flex week to a fixed red week in May or October, starting at $1600. Call Joanne on her cell @ 401-261-2032 for details.

Please contact Joanne at jr4seasons@yahoo,com or 401-261-2032 for details


The BOD had committed to all owners that we would actively pursue collections of delinquent accounts. As explained at previous Owners Meeting, this is a long and tedious process but one that must be followed. Thanks to Vin Piccirilli and his tenacity in pursing these collections through our complex legal system he has been successful in finalizing collection of an extremely delinquent account. There is also a another collection expected on a delinquent account that is close to being finalized.. Several more accounts are pending turnover to Vin as well. Vin needs to be thanked by all for his Pro Bono work that benefits the Neptune House and its’ owners.

A note of thanks to our staff

Meredith McAloon

We have to again thank Meredith for her extraordinary efforts and thrifty ways. As we are all aware, the continued rising costs of energy and related items have been a burden to us all on the mainland. The Island has been impacted as well and in most cases the impact is even more severe due to utility and town services distribution methods. Meredith has a way of squeezing every drop out of our operating dollars and insures that the Neptune House continues to operate in a cost effective manor.

Michael Swanson

Since Michael has rejoined the Neptune House staff we have all seen the tremendous improvements in the “curb appeal” of our facility. Behind the scenes as well, improvements have been made. Our mechanical systems are operating more efficiently and are being serviced on a regular basis to insure that we get full life expectancy from each piece of equipment. There isn’t much that Michael cannot accomplish and when we see him we should each personally thank him for his dedication and contributions to the much needed improvements that we have seen in the past year. Yes, we still have many projects left to attend to and Michael maintains his commitment to Neptune House to bring it back to its full glory of years past.

Neptune House

Block Isle

100 Connecticut Avenue Block Island Rhode Island

See you on the Block !